Cutting Edge High Performance Technology in Firearm Protection and Lubrication

Plate+™ penetrating and plating lubricant is unique among the vast and often confusing array of lubricants available in the marketplace today.

What makes Plate+™ perform as it does? By the joining of our classified MOS2 technology and subsurface lubricant, we accomplish the optimum in both surface and subsurface lubrication between all metal moving parts. Our modified MOS2 has the unique ability to Not bond again to itself on the plated surface in greater than .3 Micron thickness, thereby preventing build-up or caking found with some solid compounds such as PTFE (Trademarked by Dupont as Teflon) and graphite. Our modified MOS2 provides solid surface lubrication by natural polarity and bonding to the metal surface. The result is a "wearing away" of MOS2, not the metal itself. As our MOS2 performs, our subsurface lubricant actually penetrates into the metal surface and takes with it the lighter molecules of the base oil with which it is joined. Under the heat of operation, the process is reversed with our penetrating lubricant coming back out of the metal thereby providing the most advanced and effective fluid lubrication known to science. The result of this maximum level of both solid surface and fluid subsurface lubrication, is the total elimination of up to 50% of the wear normally encountered in mechanical equipment.

Plate+™ has proven effective in temperature extremes ranging from -100 to +1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and is virtually unaffected by high humidity operating conditions. Cleaning is greatly enhanced and its continued use decreases the amount of solvent normally required, in some cases eliminating it entirely. Faithful and proper use will give you an almost unlimited barrel life.


Plate+™ is guaranteed to perform in a manner far superior to any known weapons oil, to provide increases in projectile velocity, to substantially increase barrel / bore life, to increase accuracy, to virtually eliminate powder fouling, and to dramatically reduce the cleaning time for copper and lead fouling. Warranty applies only to weapons in good condition and firing ammunition for which weapon is chambered. Misuse abuse or neglect of any weapon will automatically void warranties. Warranty limited to full refund of purchase price of Plate+™



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00884 Silver - MoS2 Plating Formulation 2 oz Dispensing Bottle $49.95
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00885 Silver - MoS2 Plating Formulation 4 oz Dispensing Bottle $69.95
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00886 Silver - MoS2 Plating Formulation 8 oz Dispensing Bottle $99.95
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00892 Red - Penetrating MoS2 Grease 12 cc Plunger Applicator $7.95
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00890 Green - (Penetrant/Cleaner) 4 oz Dispensing Bottle $17.95
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00891 Green - (Penetrant/Cleaner) 8 oz Dispensing Bottle $20.95
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