What makes Plate+™ perform as it does? By the joining of our classified MOS2 technology and subsurface lubricant, we accomplish the optimum in both surface and subsurface lubrication between all metal moving parts. Our modified MOS2 has the unique ability to not bond again to itself in a layer thicker than 0.3 microns, thereby preventing build-up or caking found with some solid compounds such as other Moly products, PTFE (Trademarked by Dupont as Teflon) and graphite. Our modified MOS2 provides solid surface lubrication by natural polarity and bonding to the metal surface. Plate+™ Silver provides an initial 0.3 micron layer of MOS2 to the metal surface. The "carrier/penetrant" component of Plate+™ actually penetrates the molecular structure of the metal, taking with it the lighter molecules of the base oil to which it is joined, along with the re-micronized MOS2 in colloidal suspension. The result is a "wearing away" of MOS2, and not the metal itself. Under the heat of operation, the process is reversed, with our penetrating lubricant coming back out of the metal, carrying the "reservoir" re-micronized MOS2 to the surface to establish a new 0.3 micron surface layer of MOS2, along with providing the most advanced and effective fluid lubrication known to science. This maximum level of both solid surface and fluid subsurface lubrication results in the elimination of up to 50% of the wear normally encountered in mechanical equipment. Increased velocity readings will occur and be maintained after 5-80 rounds. Use of moly-coated bullets is unnecessary, and will actually decrease projectile velocities. Powder, residue, carbon, lead and copper buildup will be greatly reduced, as will be your time and effort in cleaning.


Method 1 (Recommended)

Thoroughly clean bore removing all copper and lead using Plate+™ Green Cleaner. Cork or plug the end of the barrel with a rubber wood, or commercially available bore plug (available from Sprinco), and fill with Plate+™ Silver. Note: Do not soak chamber in bolt action rifles. Allow soaking for 72 hours, then drain and allow bore to air dry for 24 to 48 hours. Run a dry patch through bore before firing Use Plate+™ Green Cleaner to clean bore. Run a wet patch of Plate+™ Silver through the bore after cleaning prior to storing the gun. Only if necessary, use a good copper solvent for stubborn deposits, followed by multiple passes with the wet patch of Plate+™ Silver prior to storage.

Method 2

Thoroughly clean bore, removing all copper and lead using Plate+™ Cleaner. Using Plate+™ Silver, thoroughly spray into both ends of the barrel, and allow to sit for 24 hours. Repeat this process three times. Follow cleaning and wet patch after-cleaning procedure as described in Application Method 1 above.


Remove all plastic, wood, and rubber parts. Clean weapon thoroughly then spray Plate+™ over all metal areas thoroughly covering metal surfaces. A plastic shoebox with removable lid (99 cents at WalMart ) is recommended for capture and recovery of product when treating small parts. If you have a sufficient quantity of the product, soak all possible metal parts. Allow to dry overnight prior to reassembly. Plate+™ will dry to form a 0.3-micron moly layer, and will penetrate into the metal itself. After initial applications, use Plate+™ as you would any good grade of weapons oil each time weapon is cleaned. NOTE: Plate+™ on trigger assemblies can reduce the trigger pull by ¼ to ½ lb., so check and adjust your trigger pull if necessary. Wipe off external firearm surfaces after re-assembly. For treatment of pistol bores when you only have a small quantity, soak several patches in Plate+™ Silver for 72 hours, remove patches and allow to air dry for 24 hours. Always capture and recover spray in plastic shoebox for re-use.


Remove all plastic or rubber parts and clean metal parts thoroughly. Spray Plate+™ Silver over all metal areas, thoroughly covering all metal surfaces, including the magazine spring. Capture and recover spray in plastic shoebox. Repeat 3 times. Allow drying for 24 hours. Wipe external surfaces prior to reassembly. After drying to form the 0.3 micron layer of moly, no messy residual oil will remain on the surface to attract dust and grime.

Only a thin film of Plate+™ Silver is necessary to maintain optimum lubrication, due to the highly efficient plating action of the super micronized moly. Repeat applications as deemed necessary to enhance operation. Use of a wet patch of Plate+™ Silver in the bore or any metal surface prior to storage will greatly improve corrosion resistance. If you are using a wet patch or mop during a firing session, remove excess liquid with a dry patch prior to firing. Treatment of reloading dies with Plate+™ Silver greatly decreases the amount of force required for sizing operations. Plate+™ is warranted to meet or exceed all requirements for lubricity, thermal/viscosity breakdown, detergent action and overall performance standards set by the American Petroleum Institute. Use Plate+™ Green Cleaner for "exterior" metal surface maintenance cleaning as your general purpose lubricant/cleaner. Thank you for purchasing Plate+™ - a Sprinco USA product. If you have any questions about usage please don't hesitate to contact us.